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  • Scal·a·ble


    1. Capable of being scaled.


    2. Capable of being easily expanded or upgraded on demand.


    A scalable business or system implies that it can successfully grow larger using the same methods. Scalable Co. exists to implement systems and stabilize the accounting function of growing companies.


    Just like our clients, we are entrepreneurs and innovators. We understand that technology is changing the world and the systems we implement assist in lightening the burden placed on growing companies as systems, including accounting, struggle to keep up with the founders.


    Whether you are a technology based company looking to complete your first round or a manufacturing company looking to grow, the financial picture improves your valuation.

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  • Services

    Let us show you how technology is changing accounting

    Fractional CFO

    We are biased, but we believe companies need expert financial assistance at all stages.. Our model reduces the cash burden on the growing company while providing the financial expertise to guide the entity through the fun times ahead.


    Understand where you are going by creating short-term and long-term projections. A budget is essential for understanding cash flow, a forecast helps predict business impacts of various opportunities in the market.


    Understanding the future starts with understanding the past. While most growing companies leave predictability on the sidelines, it is still crucial to understand where you came from to predict where you are going.

    Financial Reporting

    Reports prepared under the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) are necessary for decision making, investment, bank debt, and acquisitions.


    Payroll reporting requirements change frequently and a lack of understanding will significantly impact your business.

    Tax Preparation

    We have partnered with Steve Stell, CPA, to offer the best tax planning and preparation services a growing company could ask for. 

  • Our Team

    Accounting can be boring - enjoy who you work with:

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    Kevin Garrison

    Managing Director

    Working with entrepreneurs and thought leaders across all industries has pushed me throughout my career. I enjoy working with smart people to solve a problem and use the numbers to grow.

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    Michelle Boch

    Director of Business Development

    During on-boarding, we look to improve your process through our various technology partners. We take the time to learn the business, implement the plan, and add value. I handle the process of engagement with our Firm.

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    Andrea Glassberg

    Director of Customer Experience

    We strive to not only provide accurate and timely data, but also for our clients to experience the value of using data to drive successful outcomes. I ensure we are exceeding your expectations in the process.

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    Office Location

    1927 S. Tryon St. Suite 106

    Charlotte, NC 28203

  • Technology Partners

    We integrate technology to create a seamless backend of beauty. Our process builds a creative back office product that allows the business to grow without limitations.

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    Xero Cloud Accounting

    Real-time view of your cashflow

    Log in online anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet or phone to get a real-time view of your cashflow. It’s small business accounting software that’s simple, smart and occasionally magical.

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    Gusto Payroll

    Beautiful Payroll

    Lets make payroll easier. From filing all local, state, and federal payroll taxes to sending employee paystubs and W-2s, Gusto covers it all.

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    Receipt Bank

    Effortless Receipt Storage

    Receipt Bank streamlines the bookkeeping process so our time is focused on higher value process. Brilliant!

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    Run the world’s best retail POS.

    Vend is retail POS software, inventory management, ecommerce & customer loyalty for iPad, Mac and PC. Easily manage & grow your business in the cloud.

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    Time tracking, simplified.

    Harvest makes time tracking easy. Your team will get up to speed fast and can track their time however (and wherever) they want—on their laptop, iPhone, Android, or even on the Apple Watch.


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    Expense reports that don't suck!

    Let Expensify’s intelligent automation handle your expenses in realtime. Because you have better things to do.

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